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care+wear product review

Care+Wear is a healthwear company that strives to help provide constructive healing solutions for everyone, regardless of what they may be going through. They create functional, fashionable, and medically superior products while promoting safety, dignity, style and comfort!

Care+Wear was so generous to send me one of their Dual Chest Port Access Shirts for me to try with my infusions. The dual zippers make it accessing my port SO much easier to maintain modesty while still remaining sterile. I can see this shirt being especially useful for anyone who requires a home health nurse to manage their chest port. Many people are not comfortable undressing to have their nurse access/manage their chest port. This shirt allows patients to feel comfortable and secure while still receiving the medical care they need.

As many of you know, my brother has recently started dialysis as he waits for a kidney transplant. (I’ll be getting tested soon to see if I’m a match!!) He currently is receiving his treatment through another type of chest port specific to dialysis. When Care+Wear heard our family’s story, they not only sent me a shirt to try, but they also sent Matt their Dual Chest Port Access Polo!

Care+Wear's shirt has been especially handy for me right now, especially because we are living through a renovation and we constantly have workers over at the house. Now I feel comfortable and covered to infuse in front if anyone! Normally I would have to wear low cut tank tops or completely take my shirt off in order to get this kind of access, which trust me is not fun during New England winters. The 3/4 sleeve keeps me warm during my infusions and I can’t wait to wear this all winter long!

To learn more about Care+Wear and to try some of their amazing products check out their website:


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